Thursday, December 12, 2013

Priscilla's Little Girl's Tea Party!!!

Photo: Priscilla's little girls tea party

 Ten Ideas for a Fabulous Tea Party!!!

  1. Start by adding flowers to your big hats.
  2. Serve the Tea( peach ice tea or your drink desire) Drinks with Fancy Desserts.
  3. Make sure your Table is Set with Light Pretty Touch.
  4. Play Fun Games and Give Prizes to Winners.
  5. Have fun Music Playing in the back.
  6. Make Sure to take Pictures and Video.
  7. Have a Salon Time wear girls can put on lip gloss or blush.
  8. Make Sure to have a Prize for everyone who attends.
  9. Wear Pretty Dresses or any Cute Clothes
  10. This party lasted 3 hours and we had hamburgers at the end. 

Click Here to Watch Video of Party.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tea Party Time

Added Flowers to Hats Event

Tea Party Little Girls
Here is Priscilla and Angelique's a new experience....A Tea Party!
They were six girls in all and it was great!  They sat down to tea (apple juice and strawberry lemonade), little fruit tarts and little cupcakes, small tea sandwiches, cookies, and fruit.

They had various activities and games: like putting on rings, necklaces, nail polish and blush; to putting the crown on the princess (tail on donkey/princess ), charades, bingo, decorating their own hats with flowers and making paper ballerinas. After the games we treated them to hamburgers and popcorn although they still had plenty of energy to keep on going.

They took home their hats, jewelry boxes with jewelry, Beanie baby stuffed toys, cookies, chocolates and each got a picture of all the girls with their hats on.

Here are some pictures of the Tea Party. The invitees wanted to know when the next tea party is!


Setting Up the Table

Centerpiece Sweets

Sandwiches and Jewelry Box G

Friday, December 6, 2013

Hi everyone,

I will be having a tea party this Saturday, stay tuned for cute tea party ideas and stories.    I heart sweet girls will be at the party to its gonna be sooo cute.

Have a Peachy Weekend!!!